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Axel Vervoordt Portraits of Interiors book

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Portraits of Interiors is a book about the oasis of the home and includes seventeen projects in America, Belgium, England, France, Italy and Spain, as well as the Axel Vervoordt Company's first work in India, Russia and Japan.

The book's guiding concepts seek a universal spirit of life and the emotional feeling of unity that a home can provide. Over 320 pages, the images and text explore the search for balance between architecture, art and nature to create the home environment where people make a difference.

Published in the company's fiftieth year of existence, the company has been a pioneering leader in the evolution and exploration of diverse cultural traditions and eras to create unique homes around the world. Demonstrated in this new book, the company's designs feature a range of traditional, Wabi and contemporary elements that are rooted in the past and connected to the future.

Photographed by Laziz Hamani with text by Michael Gardner, the featured interiors range from urban penthouses in New York and London to a Wabi barn in Flanders and a Venetian palace, to a coastal home in New England and an island retreat in Ibiza. The unique atmosphere of each house inspires serenity and combines art, architecture and nature in an alchemy of Vervoordt expression.

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