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Book G: Forever Green

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An exuberant celebration of the color green, in nature, art, interiors and design.

Green is like water: it is everywhere and we cannot live without it. Green is the color of nature and the environment. Green is life. Interior designer and style guru Carlos Mota has such a passion for green that he has dedicated an entire book to it. g: forever green celebrates color in all its manifestations: in nature, food, fashion, jewelry, art, interiors and architecture. From the bright markings on a butterfly's wings to the breast feathers of a tropical bird, from Magritte's huge apple to the brocade curtain in the background of a Holbein portrait, from a leafy arbor to leafy wallpaper, from celadon to forest to from emerald to acid to lime to kelly, the variety is endless and very inspiring. Illustrated with Mota's own photographs taken while he traveled the world, as well as images by prominent photographers and lush watercolors by Titina Penzini, G: Forever Green is a testament to the power of green to enrich the eye and soul.

Hardcover 25.4 x 33cm, 320 pages