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The Garden: Elements and Styles book

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The definitive reference guide to garden design, its rich history and the creative art of gardening - a lavishly illustrated AZ compendium of over 200 garden elements, styles, features and ornaments for gardeners around the world

With its easy-to-use AZ format, The Garden examines over 200 modern and historic garden styles, features, types, and ornaments, with informative definitions and descriptions, and over 500 spectacular images. This accessible and inspiring book is perfect for amateur and expert gardeners alike.

His entries, written by gardening expert and historian Toby Musgrave - author of Phaidon's bestselling book, The Gardener's Garden - range from Allée, Borrowed Landscape and Coastal Garden, to Minimalism, New Perennial Planting, Pool, Vista and Xeriscape Garden and form a unique, illustrated 'glossary' collection for gardeners, featuring over 400 gardens, public and private, iconic and lesser known.

Examples include spaces such as the Baroque Gardens of Versailles and rarely published tropical courtyards by contemporary designers, alongside creations by artists such as Frida Kahlo's courtyard in Mexico and Derek Jarman's coastal garden in Dungeness, England. Alongside the work of private garden owners and makers, the book also showcases the work of emerging and eminent designers including Andrea Cochran, Emily Erlam, Raymond Jungles, Dan Pearson and Piet Oudolf.

Whether creating an English country house garden or tending a Zen Japanese landscape, The Garden's scope and beauty will inspire gardeners and garden lovers everywhere like never before.

Hardcover, 24.5 × 21 cm, 304 pages.