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Vincent Darrel Book Surreal Interiors of Paris

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By Vincent Darré, an elegant and eccentric French decorator, this volume offers a fanciful vision of his unique universe of artistic interiors.

Known for his dynamic personality and flamboyant style, Vincent Darré - the enfant terrible of the Paris design world - presents a debut monograph brimming with his flamboyant whimsy, unparalleled imagination and Gallic flair. As a fixture of the city's nightlife and a member of its exclusive art circles, Darré is arguably one of the city's most creative residents (before launching his decorating career, he held positions at top fashion houses) - which shows in his style instantly. recognizable. interiors: think surreal furniture, dizzying patterns and witty color combinations.

With more than 200 vibrant color photographs, this exquisite book takes readers on a journey into Darré's world of conversation-starting spaces. From its signature furnishings, such as the Grenouille bedside table, and its maximalist use of prints (such as the Little Prince's Bedroom), to its expert use of vivid tones, it offers an intimate glimpse into the unique and utterly fascinating universe of one of the names from the world of design. more eccentric, quirky, and celebrated members.

Hard cover, 22 x 28 cm