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Large Ceramic Plate from Romania

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The motif of Botoșani ceramics expresses the surrounding history, life, folklore, traditional customs and flora and fauna. The decoration is carved in dry, but not yet burned, engobe enamel, using the “sgraffito” technique. There are many farmers and lovers of plates, bowls and pots, but also bar owners, weavers and shepherds. The green color symbolizes the forest, yellow the sun, brown the mother earth and white represents purity. The pottery follows the same tradition as the pottery of neighboring Kosiv, the capital of Huzul, Ukraine.

Handmade on a wheel and hand painted with natural colors.


[ D ] 21 cm

Both sides of the plate are enamelled, dishwasher safe. Due to the nature of the materials and the artisanal process, small variations or irregularities may occur. Each piece is unique and special.