Fornasetti Cammei Tray

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The Fornasetti rectangular tray is made of hand-screen printed and lacquered wood, following the Atelier's traditional method.

The Fornasetti tray can be combined with the new food cart, or with a folding stand to be transformed into a coffee table.

The Cammei motif is Fornasetti's homage to Classicism and is still hand-painted today.

Each Fornasetti tray is a unique piece and any small discrepancies between similar creations are the result of craftsmanship.


100% Populus Leuce wood


[ W ] 48 cm

[ L ] 60 cm

[ A ]  1.5cm

[order upon request]

Design Poeira pieces that are not available for immediate delivery have a deadline of up to 2 months to be ready. To place an order, please contact