Gubi Wall light Bestlite BL 5

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Designed by British designer Robert Dudley Best in the 1930s, the Bestlite BL5 wall lamp exudes simplicity and clean forms in line with the Bauhaus school, by which the designer was highly influenced. With its adjustable arm, both horizontally and vertically, and movable lampshade, the Bestlite BL5 Wall Lamp looks great on the desk, as a bedside lamp or in the kitchen where the light needs to be directed. The Bestlite lamp design was first adopted by garages and Royal Air Force engineering departments due to its great functionality. An article in the Architects Journal praising Bestlite with the title of the first evidence of the Bauhaus in Britain caught the attention of design conscious. Public demand for Bestlite lamps soon followed, and when Winston Churchill personally chose the Bestlite BL1 desk lamp for his desk, Bestlite's iconic status was secured. The Bestlite design remains close to its industrial roots and true to its original design. Bestlite is held in permanent collections at the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Design Museum in London. Beloved by architects, designers and design aficionados throughout its long history, today the Bestlite has become a contemporary classic.


 [ A ] 54-87cm

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