Gubi Pacha Outdoor Lounge Chair With Armrest

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Legendary French designer Pierre Paulin originally designed the Pacha Lounge Chair in 1975. Paulin designed the chair in harmony with the changing design style of his period, replacing the austerity of post-war design with a new, vigorous approach. elegance to the rounded shapes of the Pacha Lounge Chair by finding the perfect proportions, slightly elevating it on its base and tracing inward-sloping sewing lines on the foam and upholstery. Through pieces like the Pacha Lounge Chair, Pierre Paulin pioneered low-end living; a modern way of living and sitting on the floor, eliminating the need for chair legs. With comfort as a constant starting point in its designs, the curvilinear, whimsical and organic shapes of the Pacha Chair are designed to serve the body, providing both comfort and warmth. Looking as contemporary today as when it was first designed, the Pacha Lounge Chair is an honest and functional piece that brings life and character to any interior setting.



[ P ] 85 cm

[L] 100cm

[ H ] 65 cm


[ H ] 42 cm

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