Axel Vervoordt Living with Light book

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"Light is law. It is power, strength and life. Light is an energy that helps create the world and define our experiences." Axel Vervoordt

The art of creating a refined balance between living spaces and the elements of nature – such as light, water, metal, wood – is explored in this book, which features nearly twenty recent interior designs by Vervoordt. The range of properties includes hotels, historic architecture as well as waterfront homes. Geographical locations include cities and countries in Europe and the United States, demonstrating a range of possible styles within Vervoordt's core principles. Above all, the book explores the aesthetics of modern and timeless design, fused with fine art and objects. What unites the history of each house is the serenity and sensitivity to light.

Laziz Hamani's photography brings into focus the details and carefully constructed interiors that shape each setting and mood, many of which exude a deceptively easygoing tranquility that can be attributed to Vervoordt's appreciation of Eastern and Western philosophies. These residences offer inspiring ideas for celebrating your space and creating happiness for friends and family in the company's unique style.

Hardcover, 29 x 26 cm, 264 pages.

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