Book Eden Revisited: A Garden in Northern Morocco

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A carefully photographed tour of internationally renowned writer Umberto Pasti's famous hill garden in Morocco.

Italian writer and horticulturist Umberto Pasti's passion for the wild flora of Tangier and the surrounding area led him to create his world-famous garden, Rohuna, where he transplanted thousands of plants rescued from construction sites with the help of men from the village.

Planted between two small houses is the Garden of Consolation: a series of rooms and terraces with lush vegetation, some honoring Henri Rousseau's paintings, others inspired by invented characters. Surrounding the Garden of Consolation are the Wild Garden and a slope dedicated to the wildflower bulbs of northern Morocco, where indigenous species of narcissus, iris, saffron, scilla, gladiolus and others flourish. With its breathtaking views and verdant fields, Rohuna is a garden of incomparable beauty with a mission to preserve the region's botanical wealth. Captured here in detail by celebrated photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo, the poetic beauty of this special and unique place is lovingly presented for all the world to see and share.

Hard cover, 20 x 28 cm, 240 pages.

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