Peonies: Beautiful varieties for home and garden book

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This is the first follow-up to the Garden Writer's Guild Award-nominated Vintage Roses. This new title in the Pavilion series of elegant floral gardening guides celebrates the beauty and versatility of the peony flower.

Peonies have always been a favorite of gardeners and cut flower fans alike, but in 2016 their popularity went beyond bridal bouquets as the flowers took over social media - their weight power was so great this year that in May, Elle UK already had crowned the flowers as 'The New Avocado'.

First outlining the history of the peony, Peonies is divided into Pure, Dramatic, Romantic, and Scented chapters, and includes over 50 beautiful varieties, as well as detailing when they bloom, their size, and, of course, what they will look like. From Shawnee Chief to Sarah Bernhardt, you'll discover an eclectic selection of specimens, from those with the best visual appearance to those with the most fragrant scent. The final section, Growing and Caring, describes the varieties that are easiest to grow and that produce the best cut flowers.

With contemporary commentary on each flower, easy-to-follow advice, and glorious photographs, this book will appeal to anyone who appreciates the beauty of the majestic peony.

Hard cover, 24 x 30 cm, 240 pages.

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