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A leading figure in the Perennial Nova planting movement, landscape designer and gardener Piet Oudolf emphasizes plant structure as the most important aspect of a successful garden. Perennial plants – prized for their beauty throughout their life cycle – are used almost exclusively.

Oudolf challenges conventional gardening approaches that rely on short-lived bursts of color and constant maintenance, and shows the delights of creating long-lasting, eco-friendly panoramas that relate to the landscape and the seasons.

This glorious full-color volume features twenty-three of Oudolf's finest public and private gardens, including the widely acclaimed High Line and Battery in New York; Wisley, the RHS Garden in Surrey; the Pensthorpe Gardens in Norfolk; the Lurie Garden in Millennium Park in Chicago and Il Giardino delle Vergini at the 2010 Venice Biennale.

Hardcover, 29.0 x 22.8 cm, 282 pages.

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