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At first glance, horseshoe-shaped Amsterdam is easy to circumnavigate and its offerings seem obvious. But look closely and you'll find hidden pockets in the labyrinth of canals and burgeoning neighborhoods that lie just a short stroll from the city center. This archetype of liberalism and diversity is always reinventing itself and will not fail to amaze first-time travelers and long-term visitors alike. Amsterdam is much more than cheese and windmills. Read, hop on a bike and discover everything the city has to offer.

The Monocle Travel Guide series reveals our favorite places in each city we cover, from the ideal route for a morning jog to the best independent retail spots. Full of surprises and quirks, they also feature in-depth pages of design and architecture, neighborhood walks to escape the crowds, and our favorite places to eat for everything, whether it's tasty fast food or something truly celebratory.

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