Book The Monocle Travel Guide, Marrakech, Tangier & Casablanca

Poeira Design
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Morocco may be just a short hop, hop, hop away from Europe across the Mediterranean, but it feels like another world. Vendors hawking their wares in the souks, robed figures running to pray, and ancient palaces decorated with dazzling tiles – it's easy to fall under their spell. Marrakech, on the edge of desert and mountain, offers old-world glamor and a fascinating sense of adventure. Casablanca, bathed by the Atlantic, is a thoroughly modern metropolis with a special affinity for art deco. And in the far north of the country is the eccentric cliffside city of Tangier, where many writers and artists have settled and sought inspiration over the years. Whichever city you choose – although we recommend all three, of course – you'll be enthralled like a snake in Jemaa El Fna in no time. And to help you filter through the noise, here's our roundup of the best Morocco has to offer. Maraba!

Hardcover, 14 x 22 cm, 148 pages.

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