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Monocle's Vienna travel guide will take you away from the crowded Prater and its Ferris wheel - though naturally we'll take a quick detour past the Vienna State Opera and Schönbrunn Palace - and explore the city's 23 diverse districts. We'll introduce you to the most vibrant art galleries and vibrant music venues, guide you through the Museumsquartier and celebrate our favorite Brutalist buildings. Vienna has long been the melting pot of Europe, so it's easy to feel at home here - especially with our fully illustrated 148-page hardcover book as your guide.

The Monocle Travel Guide series reveals our favorite places in each city, from the ideal route for a morning jog to the best places to rest. Full of surprises and quirks, our guides also feature in-depth pages of design and architecture, neighborhood tours that take you away from the crowds, and our picks for places to eat and drink.

Hard cover, 14 x 22 cm, 148 pages.

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