Book Wild: The Naturalistic Garden

Poeira Design
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'This extraordinarily useful compendium should be required reading for anyone aspiring to... a beautiful garden.' – New York Times book review

A stunning exploration of one of the hottest trends in garden design, nature-based planting with an eco-friendly approach, showcasing the work of leading designers such as Sean Hogan, Piet Oudolf and Dan Pearson

Forget the smooth, manicured gardens of yesteryear: planting today is a revolution in taste and aesthetics. This is the first comprehensive look at a new approach to planting that is wild and natural in nature, reflecting the global turn towards sustainability and the current zeitgeist in garden design. Featuring over 40 gardens - from a perennial meadow in East Sussex, England, to a drought-resistant private garden in Australia - each garden in this stunning book is brought to life with beautiful photographs and insightful text.

Hardcover, 27 × 20.5 cm, 320 pages.

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