Pierre Frey Pommes de Pin Wallpaper

Poeira Design
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The motif of this wallpaper reproduces an early 18th century Valoise. This was mentioned in the corporate statutes of 1669 and is made from a very fine silk fabric that was fashionable in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. With an extraordinary shine, it is embellished with various motifs, mainly flowers. This document was used several times by Le Manach, who first reproduced it on lamps before transforming it into one of the emblematic prints of his collection under the reference L2454. Hand silkscreen printing.

Small Width Printed Wallpapers

Available per roll of 4.57 m / 5 yards

68 cm - 26.77 inches


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Design Poeira pieces that are not available for immediate delivery have a deadline of up to 2 months to be ready. To place an order, please contact dust@poeiradesign.com