The Monocle Guide to Cozy Homes

Poeira Design
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The Monocle Guide to Cozy Homes is a survey of everything you need to build the home you want. From architects to furniture makers, from design shop owners to gardeners, we'll introduce you to interesting people with ideas that are built to last.

The book also contains detailed guides to great places to build that house and a global photographic survey of the houses we like. As with all Monocle books, the guide is a perfect balance of the inspirational and the practical. This is a book that should be used again and again; it's about quality of life, a dash of “hygiene” and building houses where our lives can unfold.

The 400 page book is printed on a selection of fine papers and linen cover. It is also available in a deluxe limited edition. Published by Gestalten.

Gestalten is a publishing house based in Berlin and produces high-quality editions in an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient manner.

Hard cover, 20 x 26.5cm, 400 pages.

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